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Empower Women Asia, which is a project of the non-profit organization KIBV(Keep It Beautiful Vietnam) aims to support ethnic minority women & girls in the weaving villages of Vietnam, so they could improve skills, knowledge, competences and competitive advantages in producing highly quality sustainable textile products, and having more chance to increase living standards as well as to secure a stable income.

By providing upgraded facilities and offering training classes with a clear guidance about sustainable textile production process and standards to the women and girls, Empower Women Asia set our goal to enhance gender equality and reduce inequalities among the community, responding to the SDGs goals No 5 & 10.

Moreover, through a variety of public outreach activities from workshops, competitions to trade promotion events both domestic and internationally, to raise awareness of public and the consumers about sustainable textile products, Empower Women Asia also aims to join the SDGs Goals No 12 & 13.

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EWA aims to join hands in responding to 4 in 17 goals set by UN Sustainable Goals by 2030 including:

Goal 5
Gender Equality


By offering ethnic minority women opportunities to improve competitive advantages through better knowledge and skills, resulting in an increase of income and defining their more visible role in the society. 

Goal 10
Reduce In Equality


By offering the specific indigous group of people who are still left far behind the opportunities to catch up with updated knowledge, guidances, consequently, these underprivileged individuals will slowly gain their access to the society, having chance to attain an equality in living standard.

Goal 12
Responsible Consumption and Production


By focusing on the guidelines of sustainable textile production and a raised awareness of consumers towards sustainable textile products.

Goal 13
Climate Action


By reducing the negative impacts of the fashion and textile industry on the environment through better cognition and awareness of people about sustainable fashion and textile products.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our mission is to support the minority women& girls in minority weaving villages in Vietnam so they could increase their skills and competitive advantages to be able to improve and secure a stable income. We also create a sustainable production line with eco materials and products to provide to domestic and international market so the concept of slow fashion would be applied more widely and easier for the designers who source for credible and meaningful material suppliers. 

Our Mission


Our vision is to empower the ethnic minority women & girls in the weaving villages of Vietnam by improving their skills, competences and knowledge in sustainable production, for better competitive advantages and more stable income. We also strive to raise awareness of consumers of sustainable products and offering more options of sustainable textile to local and global business, who pursue sustainable approaches. 

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