Chieng Chau Co-Operative

Chieng Chau brocade weaving cooperative and service cooperative was established in Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district since 2013 with 31 employees. After nearly 6 years, until now, the cooperative has expanded its production scale with 50 traditional looms and 10 sewing machines, creating jobs for 36 workers, earning an average income of 3-4 million VND per person per month.


However, with the rapid growth and competition of cheap products sold everywhere in Mai Chau, the market of Chieng Chau ‘s products have slowly lost its share. The Co-operative is also run by local authority and members who are farmers in the villages so they could not contribute 100 % of time investing into the business and hardly have new ideas of new products, designs, not to mention a strategy to approach potential domestic and international customers.





With our support of developing new design ideas as well as promotion activities as a first step to help creating more jobs and income for the women in the factory. We strike to establish a long lasting collaborated relationship where we could support our partner in the long term to make sure the women will have consistent order and stable income.

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Empower Women Asia

A project of KIBV(Keep It Beautiful Vietnam) aims to empower the women & girls in minority weaving villages in Vietnam. This is also a platform to promote  sustainable textile fabrics and products with high quality, environmental and social values.



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Ha Noi, Vietnam

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Zurich, Swizerland

Phone: +41 76 592 88 56

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