An unique experience to learn about how these beautiful, traditional weaving patterned fabrics are made.
From dyeing naturally, weaving on traditional loom to being created as some unique patterned or embroidered pieces of fabric or textile products, each step is a whole story to be told.
In this event we hope to not only give the participants an unforgettable memory when visiting Vietnam and being involved into an exciting activity but also to raise awareness and higher appreciation toward organic handmade textile products from fabric to ended products.

While we are trying to protect our environment by reducing, reusing... fashion & textile industry thus is known as the seconded most polluted industries in the world. By having deeper understanding and more appreciation toward natural, handmade textile products, it is also a best way to remind us to be more active as a part of the change.

Our staff and volunteer team are working hard and dedicated to show you with an ambition to create some invaluable impact, to further support the community and the hardworking minority artisan women.

Empower Women Asia

A project of KIBV(Keep It Beautiful Vietnam) aims to empower the women & girls in minority weaving villages in Vietnam. This is also a platform to promote  sustainable textile fabrics and products with high quality, environmental and social values.


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