Apron with strings in 3 versions:


1. White patterns mixed with black fabric. Dark pocket with white squares. 

2. Grey color with white patterns. Pocket with a pattern of small circles.

3. Darker grey color. Pocet with a square pattern.


100% cotton, natural dyed.


  • Our products are natrually deyed, 100% hand weaving by local, minority women in minority villages in Vietnam. 

    Each product is designed and developed by our team then being transfered to the atlier where our artisans will further work on them.

    Each product will therefore be selected and controlled carefully from fabrics to sewing threads. 

    We designed and made these products with our most considered thought to our cilents who will use the item with an appreciation for the hardwork of our team.

Empower Women Asia

A project of KIBV(Keep It Beautiful Vietnam) aims to empower the women & girls in minority weaving villages in Vietnam. This is also a platform to promote  sustainable textile fabrics and products with high quality, environmental and social values.

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