Empower Women Asia

A project of KIBV that aims to empower the women & girls in minority weaving villages in Vietnam. This is also where people can find the sustainable textile products with high quality.

Email: info@empowerwomenasia.org

Address: Maschinenstrasse 11, 8005

Zurich, Swizerland

Phone: +41 76 592 88 56

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In our vision and effort to empower the minority women in Asia, we work together with various partners in minority villages acrossing Vietnam.


By supporting our partners in different processes, we look forward to not only increasing the competitive advantages of these women, securing a stable income and improving their products quality but also to offer the world of textiles a better option of fabrics and textile products.

Hoa Ban
Social Protecting Center

Hoa Ban Protecting Center was created in 2008 with the purpose of supporting disadvantaged and disabled women..

Chieng Chau

Chieng Chau brocade weaving cooperative and service cooperative was established in Chieng Chau commune...

White Flax


The Sa Phin Agricultural and Forestry Services Co-operative, known as the Lanh Trang (White Flax) Co-operative, was...