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The Sa Phin Agricultural and Forestry Services Co-operative, known as the Lanh Trang (White Flax) Co-operative, was established in 2017 in Ha Giang province to offer opportunities for disadvantaged ethnic minority people. To date, it has helped the locals escape poverty and find stable jobs and incomes.

The Co-operative with 20 original members specializes in traditional flax embroidery, weaving, and dyeing. It has formed a closed chain ranging from self-supply of raw materials to production and consumption and created jobs for 95 members in Sa Phin village and many other villages in Dong Van district.


With a workshop, a dyeing facility, and a showroom, the White Flax Cooperative in coordination with the Dong Van district Women's Union opened 2 vocational training classes and established 3 cooperative teams last year. Their products have been well responded to by both domestic and foreign customers.


With the support from different organizations, White Flax Co-operative has gained its competitive advantages especially in being raw fabric suppliers for domestic and international markets. This potential and chance to increase the number of women to take part into production line is still wide open. With a support to improve product’s design and quality as well as to gain certain important international certificates, the opportunities for the White Flax to go to international market and compete is possible and potentially bring more job to the women in this minority villages.

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