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Participating in the workshops hosted by the Empower Women Asia Team is a truly unique experience that offers a deep insight into the intricate process of creating those beautiful, traditional woven fabrics.


From the natural dyeing techniques and the art of weaving on traditional looms to the opportunity to craft your own distinctive patterned or embroidered fabric and textile products, each step in this journey tells a fascinating story.


Through these events, our aim is not only to provide participants with unforgettable memories in an engaging activity but also to cultivate a greater awareness and appreciation for organic, sustainable handmade textile products—from raw materials to finished goods.


We are committed to environmental protection, emphasizing the principles of reducing, reusing, and embracing natural processes, especially considering the significant impact of the fashion and textile industry, which is known as the second most polluting industry in the world. By fostering a deeper understanding and heightened appreciation for natural, handmade textile products, we encourage individuals to actively contribute to this positive change.


Our dedicated team works tirelessly to make a meaningful impact and to provide further support to the community and the hardworking artisan women from minority groups.

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