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Huong Ly: From Small Village to the Global Stage, A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

In the tranquil embrace of a small Vietnamese village, Huong Ly was nurtured by the love of humble female farmers and the perennial scent of ripening rice fields. She emerged from these simple beginnings, a radiant figure who confidently graced the red carpet, achieving the title of the winner of Vietnam's Next Top Model in 2015 and the 5th runner-up in Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 and 2022. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, Huong Ly has never lost sight of her roots or her profound respect for the hardworking women who raised her.

Huong Ly's story is one of relentless effort and unwavering commitment to her community, particularly her dedication to empowering minority women and her passion for promoting sustainable fashion awareness. After the bright lights and accolades, she returns to being an ordinary girl, driven by a deep desire to give back to her homeland and the individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping her into the exceptional woman she has become.

Recently, at a charity fund-giving ceremony organized by Empower Women Asia in Mai Chau, Huong Ly shared her heartfelt sentiments. "Ly always sympathizes with the women here because my life was as difficult as theirs when I was small," she expressed. Her connection to the struggles of the local women was palpable, a testament to her genuine empathy. She went on to highlight the importance of supporting those in need, embodying the essence of a compassionate heart rooted in her homeland.

In the eyes of many, Huong Ly is a symbol of resilience and hope—a testament to the strength of ordinary individuals with extraordinary determination. Her journey from a modest village to the global stage serves as an inspiration to countless others, especially those from similarly unassuming backgrounds. Huong Ly's story reflects the quintessential Vietnamese values of hard work, humility, and unwavering commitment to community.

Looking ahead, the name "Nguyen Thi Huong Ly - Gia Lai, Viet Nam" will once again grace the red carpet of the Beauty Arena. With every step she takes, she carries the pride of her homeland—a pride that resonates with the simplicity, strength, and unwavering spirit of the women who have shaped her journey.

EWA (Empower Women Asia), an organization privileged to have Huong Ly as its Ambassador, is resolute in its belief that she embodies the very essence of a quintessential Vietnamese woman - a representation that Miss Universe Vietnam aspires to shine on the global stage. As we follow Huong Ly's remarkable journey, we are witness to a young woman who not only aspires to achieve the highest accolades but also unwaveringly commits herself to the noble mission of nurturing love and hope within her community.

Huong Ly's story reminds us that extraordinary individuals can emerge from the most ordinary of places, illuminating the world with their unwavering spirit and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Empower Women Asia

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