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"Se gai - Se ganh" Campaign: A Path to Sustainable Highland Living

Empower Women Asia together with sustainable fashion brands Hemp Oi and La Pham shines a spotlight on highland weaving culture

Ho Chi Minh, October 30, 2023 - Empower Women Asia (EWA) recently orchestrated an inspiring workshop event titled "Sun Sowing" with a profound objective - celebrating the time-honored beauty of highland ethnic weaving culture and raising awareness about quality of the hand-weaving textile. The workshop highlighted the vital role of hemp fabric in the daily life and production activities of the H'Mong ethnic community.

On October 28-29, 2023, the "Sun Sowing" campaign came to life at 182 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2. This momentous event saw the participation of distinguished guests, including Ms. Huong Ly, the special ambassador of EWA, Ms. Hien - the owner of the renowned fashion brand Hity Fashion, and the acclaimed actress Tang Thanh Ha, among others. "Sun Sowing" garnered the attention of a significant audience and set the stage for subsequent activities in the "Se gai - Se ganh", weave the hemp fiber - share the burdens campaign.

Artisan Sam Thi Tinh introduced the hemp weaving technique

The primary objective of "Sun Sowing" was to enlighten attendees about hemp fabric - a material derived from natural plant fibers highly valued for its sustainability and growing popularity in the fashion industry. Simultaneously, the workshop aimed to impart knowledge about the weaving traditions of H'Mong ethnic women.

The event featured captivating interactive activities, allowing attendees to experience and appreciate the artistry of highland women's embroidery. Participants could try their hand at using traditional looms, guided by artist Sam Thi Tinh. The event also provided insights into decorative motifs on hand-embroidered fabric products and offered moments of relaxation with tea.

Ms. Tran Phuong Thao, founder of Hemp oi

Ms. Ngoc Anh, founder of La Pham and Ambassador Huong Ly

Notably, Ms. Huong Ly, EWA ambassador and the current Miss Universe Vietnam’s first runner-up, brought her passion and energy to the "Sun Sowing" workshop. In her role as an EWA ambassador, she remains dedicated to empowering young people and disseminating positive messages, particularly through workshops of this nature. The event shed light on the unhurried artistry of the craft and its enduring impact.

All funds generated through the workshop, sponsorships, partnerships, and other activities within the "Se hemp - Share the Burden" campaign will be channeled into the inception of a Hemp Fabric Cooperative in San Seo Ty village, Ha Giang province.

Actresses Tang Thanh Ha and Di Bang supporting the workshop

Empower Women Asia is a project initiated by Keep It Beautiful Vietnam, dedicated to supporting ethnic minority women and girls in Vietnamese hand-weaving villages. The project strives to enhance the women’s living standards and ensure sustainable income by improving their skills, knowledge, and competitiveness in the production of textile products.

Furthermore, the fashion brand La Pham has previously collaborated with Empower Women Asia on eco-conscious initiatives. They have created decorative products from brocade and collaborated to introduce a collection inspired by Vietnamese folk materials to the global stage through the sustainable fashion program UN-DRESS in Switzerland. The "Se gai - Se ganh" campaign symbolizes the reinvigoration of Empower Women Asia, La Pham, and Hemp Oi.

After the "Sun Sowing" journey in Ho Chi Minh City in October, and in Hanoi in December 2023, a prolonged exhibition titled "Harvesting Dew" will run from November 2023 to January 2024. Its purpose is to unveil and raise funds through a collection of oil palm leaf bags combined with indigenous patterns representing five prominent ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. The funds raised from these two phases will be delivered by EWA representatives, along with collaborating partners and sponsors, to the H'mong ethnic community in the form of monetary and material contributions. This support will aid in establishing cooperatives, including frame looms, weaving tools, and necessary equipment, as well as investments in cultivation, with the goal of ensuring sustainable growth and development.

Empower Women Asia

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