Bamboo and Rattan handicraft village of Vietnam

Phu Vinh is known as one of the most famous bamboo and rattan handicraft villages of Vietnam with its more than 400 years existence. The skill to weave and turn bamboo and rattan into beautiful products by subtle and skillful hands of the artisans here is considered as at the highest level.

Traditional tea pot holder design made of bamboo and rattan materials

However, bamboo and rattan products of Phu Vinh have been recently produced massively with poor quality due to a lack of an investment into proper steps such as: design, technique. The traditional bamboo and rattan hand weaving skill has therefore slowly disappeared. Being ware of this threat and in an effort to maintain this long existed traditional values, artisan Nguyen Van Son from Phu Vinh has been trying to bring the modern design applied bamboo and rattan materials thus using the traditional weaving technique into his products.

Bamboo and rattan handicraft works produced by local artisans

Bamboo and rattan products have been customers’ favorites recently due to its environmental, high quality and applicable advantages. Especially, in fashion industry, many women tend to look for the modern fashion designs inspired by traditional values which is also a trend to go back to the 90s styles or even older as a circle of fashion. Understanding this demand, the artisan has been trying to produce products from bamboo and rattan that hold the traditional values but having more stylist designs in favor of the consumers.

Modern and high-end style fashion designed bag made of bamboo and rattan materials

Light and luminous as the silk, the products produced from bamboo and rattan are known as the lightest yet most durable materials. Thus, the traditional weaving technique has been studied and applied into the products to make sure they are the most sophisticated and at highest quality.

A close up into bamboo and rattan weaving technique

These materials are also produced and proved under chemical free process that are 100% environmentally friendly and the guarantees for products would go from 10 to 15 years of use. It has given the artisans of the Phu Vinh a hope to be able to bring their traditional products to a higher level so they would be more appreciated and acceptable in the market.

Bamboo and rattan handbag designed and produced by artisan Son Nguyen

Bamboo and rattan handbag designed and produced by artisan Son Nguyen

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