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Whenever refer to Hue, it always reminds in people’s mind of the most ancient emperor of Vietnam, natural landscapes and tasty cuisine. However, little does everyone know that Hue is also home to a number of traditional crafts in Vietnam and many more to offer.

In our article today, we would like to provide you our trusted partner Review Hue as a destination for domestic and international visitors who wish to visit Hue including craft villages in Hue such as conical village, colorful incense making village, traditional picture making village, bronze casting village...with its most helpful insights and tips.

Traveling is an indispensable thing in everyone's life these days. We long to be with friends, families to discover new lands, having new experiences, trying new food during vacations, or in spare time. Thanks to the rapid growth of social networks and mass media, we could emerge truly with beautiful travel photographs and critical reviews, which inspire us to experience the places in person. Indeed, there are currently a variety of digital sources of reviews, yet one with trustworthy, reliable, and honest information might be hard to find.

Being aware of this challenges, along with the desire to contribute to the country's tourism in general and to Hue province in particular, a group of many young people have founded Review Hue- a prestigious service of evaluation community in Hue. This is a non- profit service providing evaluation, introduction, and support for visitors who are staying in Hue or plan to come to Hue.

Review Hue homepage website featuring review services

After 3 years since inception, Review Hue has gained approximately 53,000 followers, and hundreds of interactions, shares daily, becoming a credible destination supporting many tourism services, and widely recognized by the online community. Besides, Review Hue also established Facebook group, YouTube channel and a website in the same name, so that its identity can be searched easily on social platforms. Nevertheless, all queries are always answered quickly, correctly, and in a timely manner.

Pictures of tourists experiencing at Thuy Xuan incense village - Hue

In addition to the aforementioned main activities, Review Hue is always active and enthusiastic in contributing, conveying positive messages among community, assisting companies, organizations in promoting their products, services for free, especially in difficult periods such as epidemic season, and serving as a platform for exchanging information. Review Hue provides visitors with a lot of practical experiences about the culture of the ancient Hue, particularly about cultural villages, festivals, and events associated with a large number of people throughout the province. This, in turns helps to promote the uniqueness of Hue to the world.

Famous incense- making village

In the future, Review Hue will expand their services, bringing the image of Hue and Hue people closer to everyone, both from homeland and abroad. Review Hue will be a place where everyone can get answers to any questions they may have about Hue including about the long- existing traditional craft villages. So if you ever plan a trip to Hue, its time to get on the searching engine and typing the name.

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