In the mission to support the Vietnamese women artisans from minority villages to improve their competitive advantages and secure a stable income, by applying traditional hand-crafted materials along with long existed inherited techniques on modern products, Empower Women Asia has been successfully in bringing together a Vietnamese embroidery artisan with Ananda Zurich- a vegan designer handbag brand from Switzerland.

With a philosophy to sustain the environmental and social values, the Swiss handbag brand has chosen pineapple leaves material for their designs and was even being able to transfer the traditional embroidery works of Vietnamese artisan into high-end fashion products as a proof for the compatibility between traditional and modern characters.

Customized embroidery design on Ananda's bag handmade by artisan Hoang Khuong

Customized embroidery design on Ananda's bag handmade by artisan Hoang Khuong

Artisan Hoang Khuong has also proved her skill that would meet the high and strict requirements from a swiss fashion brand which also showed a great potential of her works being applied for other fashion brands in international markets. We also understand that the sustainable values will only be fulfilled when there are compromises from both sides, it is the brands who certainly put sustainable criteria on priority of the business mentality and its also the suppliers, workers, artisans... who commit to deliver highest quality of products.

Artisan Hoang Khuong is working on embroidery designs from Ananda Zurich

Artisan Hoang Khuong received the highest prize in a competition co-organized by KIBV

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